Get excited because our first meet is Monday. This is critical information and instructions about the meet:

1. You should be at the Shamrock pool no later than 5:00 to make sure you have your name and races written on your arm and shoulder and are ready for warm ups!

2. You need to be on the pool deck lined up in cap and goggles ready to swim warm ups at 5:25.

3. Warm ups will be at 5:30. That means in the pool and swimming laps!!!!!

4. Parent Volunteers should find Kim Austin to go over their assignments while the kids are doing warm ups. She will be at the Team tent. Kim’s list of parent volunteers will go out shortly.

Parents – You have a list of things to bring to the meet that was included in the welcome packet. You may also want to bring a shade tent because it will be hot. Feel free to come earlier than 5:00 if you feel that you want some time to eat dinner and relax.

The Shamrock team is doing a meal order for $5.50 you get three chicken strips chips and a cookie from Zaxby’s. Cara Marullo posted the link to the google document used for orders on the Reynolds Rapids Facebook page. I will forward an email link to you today as well. You must place your order by Sunday at 12:00. Feel free to pack your own snacks and dinner if you would rather!

Finally take a look below at some pertinent event info. sent over by Shamrock to me earlier yesterday.

Get ready for the first meet!!! The kids have worked hard all week, it will be fun to see them all in the pool racing!!! Get ready to cheer them on parents!!!

Let me know if you have any questions,
Beth Bowen
Parent coordinator


Hey there! Looking forward to hosting you all this Monday night. I wanted to send some info for you to share with your team.

*The meet is scheduled to begin at 6:00. Warm-ups for Reynolds will begin at 5:30.
*Heat Sheets will be for sale at the concession stand for $2.00 each.
*We will be serving Zaxby’s. I am sending the google link that you or your parents can add to so we have a good idea of what to order.
*We have other snack items/drinks/candy as well. Cash please!
*Your team will need to follow all parking directions, but basically you will head to the left to the field when coming in parking lot. There will be signs and parking attendants. Please don’t park where there are cones!
*Your Team will set up to the left of the sidewalk when facing the pool.
*Your coaches will set up on the left side of the pool
*Weather- We will be watching closely!!! We will have a meet in the rain but if we hear thunder, it is a 30 minute delay. You and I will make the call during the meet if we were to need to call it or cut some events, or whatever the case may be.
*Volunteers: We will need volunteers from your team in order to help run the meet. You also will need to bring your stopwatches for timers.
1st Half Timers: 5
1st Half Finish Judge: 1
1st Half Runner: 1
1st Half Bullpen workers:2
2nd Half Timers: 5
2nd Half Finish Judge: 1
2nd Half Runner: 1
2nd Half Bullpen Workers:2

The Shamrocks