Wow! Wow! Wow! The end of our regular season is here! The OSL Championship Swim Meet is this Saturday, June 23, 2018! Below is all of the information. Beth and Kim have also sent out emails.

Please please please read everything. ALL VOLUNTEERS AND SWIMMERS MUST BE ON TIME. For all new people, the most important thing is keeping the kids in our camp so they are on time for the their races. This meet is run by a strict timeline.

Meet Information Links (Beth’s email with important information is also posted on the bottom of this page.):


*****The volunteer meeting is at 7:05 AM. If you are on the below list, you MUST be at this meeting. Thank you!!*****

OSL Volunteer Email List 6/23/18

OSL Swim Entries 6/23/18

GO RAPIDS!!!!!!!!!!

*****Beth’s Parent Email*****

Rapids Parents,
Attached is an information packet for the League Championship swim meet this Saturday. If you are getting this e-mail your child is signed up to swim. If that has changed I need to be notified tomorrow by noon!
I strongly recommend that you read the packet. This is a large meet with 500+ swimmers and it can be a chaotic.
It is important that we are on time for all aspects of this meet so that we are a good team member in the league. We have a lot of events to get through and a very limited amount of time at the pool. After the meet we must have everything broken down, the pool deck cleared and cleaned up in a matter of 15 minutes so that the pool can open for its members. If you can assist in any way with this process we would be very grateful!
Be aware that parking may be difficult and it may take you time to park and walk to the pool. Please take this into consideration when planning your travel time up to the meet.
Some Crucial information you need to remember:
1. See the map in the information packet on where we will need to set up “Camp”
2. If you have a shade tent please bring it. I am not sure how much shade there is.
3. 7:05 Volunteer meeting. It is critical that we are on time for this!!!
4. 7:10 your swimmer must be in cap and goggles with arms marked READY TO SWIM  at the gate to the pool deck. This area is labeled “pre-bullpen” on the attached map.
5. Warm ups will begin at 7:20 sharp and are only 15 minutes long. If you are late you will miss it.
6. Meet will start at 7:45
7. Please make sure that your swimmer knows they must stay within our encampment. You will not be able to see the bullpen or hear announcements well from outside the fence. We have had many swimmers miss their events because the parent coordinator could not find them to send them to the bull pen.
Sorry, that was a lot of bold print!!! There will be concessions like chick fil a sandwiches and the usual snacks. Also, custom t shirts will be sold near the entrance, these are fun swim team keepsakes. Review the packet and let me know if  you have any questions.
Carpooling is a great idea!
Thanks and lets have a great meet!